Enfield Malayali Association (ENMA) is a cultural organization representing the tradition and rich heritage of Kerala, a state in Southern India. ENMA was formed in 2005 when Mr. George Patiyal took the initiative to contact malayali families in the Enfield area and organized a meeting at Mr. Bobby Kurien’s residence. After the first meeting in 2005, ENMA has grown intto a large organization.

After the structure was formed, during the 2005 Christmas function, Mr. George Patiyal was nominated as the first President of ENMA. The same meeting also nominated Mrs. Swapna Bobby (Vice President), Mr. Sanjoy George (Secretary), Mr. Babu Jacob Podimattom (Joint Secretary) and Mr. Analyse (Treasurer). Over the year, ENMA grew continuously through the contribution of time and talent from individuals who served as office bearers of ENMA. Thank all our team members who helped the organization grow to such a great level.